Commercial Coatings: The Key to Maintaining a Safe and Professional Workplace

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Commercial Coatings: The Key to Maintaining a Safe and Professional Workplace

For many business owners, commercial coatings are one element of a comprehensive policy that provides a safe, efficient, and secure workplace. If your commercial properties have concrete floors, ask how improving your garage flooring can help you achieve more, cut maintenance costs, and provide an enhanced workplace environment. 

Workplace Challenges in Garages, Warehouses, and More

Your commercial properties require upkeep, maintenance, and other overhead costs. Whatever their role is in your business, you depend on them to be part of your revenue stream. The money that you invest in keeping your facilities up to date should translate into improvements that impact your bottom line and the workplace environment,

Does the profitability of your business suffer as a result of any of these problems?

  • Dirty, stained floors
  • Frequent repairs to carts and mobile equipment due to accidents
  • Workplace clutter and slovenly work
  • Unattractive flooring in customer-facing areas

A quality garage floor coating with professional installation can improve your workplace and promote good workplace habits among employees and supervisors. Talk to a professional concrete coating representative about the potential for improving the concrete surfaces in your commercial properties with modern, durable commercial coatings.

Maintain Floor Markings

Does workflow at your facilities depend on getting inventory, equipment, or other materials quickly from one place to another? If so, does your flooring include markings to direct employees and others in the right paths to take and places to store items or park vehicles? A confusing workplace can lead to obstructions, collisions, and many other problems.

Once you paint your flooring with the appropriate markings and signage, keep them clear and clean with a scratch-resistant and UV-resistant coating. The bright, vivid markers will help new hires learn the procedures more quickly and be a tangible reminder that you run an orderly business.

Prevent Cracked and Rough Flooring

Chips, cracks, and gouges can develop over time as the result of foot traffic, heavy equipment, and vehicle use on your concrete floors. Over time, the flooring can become rough and uneven. Employees who move materials across your concrete floors can suffer falls if they trip over an uneven patch of flooring or a patch that is slick because nobody cleaned it up properly. 

Having a professionally installed commercial coating on your floor provides a consistent, smooth surface for wheeled and foot traffic. Over the years, protective coatings can protect against degradation of the concrete underneath, potentially saving you from having to resurface or repour concrete.

Promote Workplace Efficiency in Commercial and Industrial Environments

With smooth floors, employees can move freely through a garage or warehouse without having to worry about tripping, dropping materials, or colliding with other workers or vehicles.

An organized work environment allows them to focus on the task at hand and move more rapidly, achieving their objectives with less risk of accidents.

Anti-slip coatings give workers and wheels more traction, making materials transport more secure and reliable.

Choose Flooring That Makes It Easy to Keep Your Workplace Tidy

Smooth flooring, with commercial coatings that use non-porous materials such as polyurea and polyaspartic esters, keeps your floors from soaking up stains and becoming sticky or greasy. With a proper coating, sweeping up debris and mopping up spills will be a cinch. Your clean floor will promote a neat workplace and foster a culture of workplace compliance and attention to detail.

Protect Garage Occupants With Same-Day Installation and Fast Drying Coatings

In the past, you might have waited days for a protective coating to dry. In the meantime, you and your employees would have stayed off the floor or refrained from using heavy equipment or vehicles on the floor. Fumes from the drying coating could cause headaches and other symptoms.

At TAGG Concrete Coatings, we offer 1-day concrete coatings so you can obtain all the benefits of a high-quality coating without having to disrupt your workflow for days. By minimizing the level of chemicals that evaporate from the flooring, you reduce the need to relocate employees or take protective measures.

Promote Worker Morale

Workers can tell when a company invests in their workplace. Being attentive to the details that make their work lives safer and easier can inspire workers to be more diligent.

Installing a high-quality commercial coating on your floors conveys the message that owners and management are investing in the company for the long term. Employees can devote more energy to your company when they have faith that your company will last.

In the event of a workplace accident, benefit from your reputation as a responsible employer with a proactive approach to workplace safety. Being able to document that you took steps to create a healthy workplace environment could work to your advantage in the event of litigation or inquiries from regulatory agencies.

Commercial Coatings in Wake Forest, NC, From TAGG Concrete Coatings

Wake Forest, NC, is a great place to own or operate a business. At TAGG Concrete Coatings, we proudly support the local business community by providing custom commercial concrete coatings in Wake Forest, NC, for all kinds of businesses, large and small. 

To speak with a TAGG Concrete Coatings representative, call (984) 231-9845 today. Speak with our coating experts about your concrete floors and how they can benefit from commercial coatings. Let us help you develop cost-effective solutions to your business operations, human factors, and logistics challenges. 

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