Concrete Patio Tips: Bringing the Indoors Out

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Concrete Patio Tips: Bringing the Indoors Out

Homeowners wanting to enjoy their yard often opt for a concrete patio so they can entertain outdoors and indoors. These outdoor spaces can reflect the style and appeal of your home’s interior. Your concrete patio can provide as much enjoyment as your living room with creativity and the right design choices.

From your patio floor coatings to landscaping, you can create an outdoor oasis that everyone will love. Become the host with the most with these tips on creating a gorgeous and inviting concrete patio.

Plan Your Patio with Activities in Mind

Do you enjoy having friends and family over for grilled burgers and fire nights? Or do you prefer the idea of a private patio where you can relax and meditate after a hard day’s work? Plan your patio design around what activities you want to use the space for.

For those who love parties and get-togethers, finding the perfect outdoor furniture and lighting may top your wish list. Finding the right types of plants, water features, and garden additions might speak best to your ideal medication spot. However you wish to design your space, it all starts with understanding how you want to use it.

Consider these functional and decorative details for your patio:

Cooking Implements

Outside cooking on your patio may include a full-on outdoor kitchen complete with a brick pizza oven or something as simple as a gas or charcoal grill. Simpler options might look like a permanent fire pit, perfect for roasting hot dogs and making s’mores.

Outdoor Furniture

Perfect your outdoor kitchen by adding the right weatherproof table and chair set, or create a relaxing spot with reclining chaises underneath a wooden pergola. Outdoor furniture ranges from enormous couch set-ups to simple poufs and benches, but consider your preferred activities before choosing your furniture.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting includes everything from solar-powered fans installed on the top of a pavilion to fairy lights draped around trees and awnings. With the right patio floor coatings, the reflecting light can create a dreamy atmosphere as evening approaches.

Landscape Features

While your concrete patio floor provides an excellent base for your entertaining space, the landscaping around you can create the right kind of mood for your preferred activities. Create the ultimate privacy with towering hedges, or plant the right saplings, flowers, and small brush to induce a fairy-tale effect. You can raise the relaxation prowess of your patio with water features like fountains and ponds, both of which provide gentle background noise while you entertain your guests.

However you choose to use your patio, starting with a concrete foundation provides you with many options to create the entertainment or relaxation space of your dreams.

Why Use Concrete as Your Patio Base

Besides the many types of patio floor coverings you can choose from, concrete provides a strong, durable base for any outdoor activity. Whether you want to host parties, park a hot tub on the spot, or hang a hammock, a concrete base gives you a universal foundation. The robust material can also hold the weight of many visitors and whatever furniture or covered structures you plan to build.

Some concrete patios include designs in the concrete, but many homeowners start with a bare concrete pour. Purchasing a home with a previously poured concrete patio can also leave you with the option of changing the appearance. If you don’t like the look of your patio floor, we’ve got great news for you.

Options for Improving Your Concrete Patio’s Look

Plain concrete provides a functional but boring base for your outdoor entertainment space. You can breathe life into your exterior and wow your guests by utilizing the right outdoor flooring options. The most popular patio floor coatings in Wake Forest, NC, includes polyurea bases with polyaspartic top coats.

This coating for concrete surfaces provides many benefits, including:

  • Various color and pattern options
  • High durability against chipping or peeling
  • High resistance to UV rays
  • Fast drying times – often complete within a day

Some homeowners may prefer an epoxy concrete floor coating. While epoxy floors look great after application, they do not have the same resilience and resistance as polyaspartic coatings. Epoxy flooring often requires more frequent reapplications and repairs.

Professional Patio Floor Coatings in Wake Forest, NC

If you’re ready for new patio floor coverings, the experts at TAGG Concrete Coatings provide those services in addition to a 15-year warranty against chipping and peeling. Call (919) 439-8879 for a free quote on new patio floor coatings in Wake Forest, NC.

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