From Hospitals to Schools: The Versatility of Commercial Coatings

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From Hospitals to Schools: The Versatility of Commercial Coatings

Whether you’re running a small bakery or a massive corporation poised to shake up the tech world, you deserve the best commercial coatings to maintain a slip-resistant, durable floor.

Instead of calling traditional commercial painting contractors to paint your concrete floors, go the extra mile and apply high-quality coatings. 

The technicians at Tagg Concrete Coatings have years of experience, industry-leading tools, and effective solutions for commercial property owners. 

Whether your commercial building could use a new look or you need to protect your floor from heavy vehicles and foot traffic, you can benefit from epoxy or polyaspartic floor coatings. 

The Spaces That Benefit from Commercial Coatings in Wake Forest, NC

Many commercial buildings can benefit from applying commercial coatings. In particular, these nine common spaces can benefit the most. 

1. Hospitals and Other Care Facilities

We hold care facilities like hospitals to a higher level of standard than other spaces. Hospitals require constant upkeep, prioritizing sanitation and hygiene. 

Polyaspartic-coated concrete floors provide excellent dust resistance, mold resistance, and moisture management. Cleaning your hospital floors is also easy. You can also add additional slip resistance to prevent accidents.

2. Commercial Kitchens, Cafeterias, and Restaurants

Areas with food can be hotspots for messes and spills. Food particles can also attract mold and pests, and spilled cooking oils and foot traffic create more hazards.

Restaurants, kitchens, and cafeterias also must adhere to a higher cleanliness standard, and you may have random inspections. Both epoxy and polyaspartic coating systems offer slip-resistant, damage-resistant floors that create safe workspaces.

3. Beverage and Food Production Warehouses

Like restaurants, any beverage or food production company must undergo regular inspections. These inspections can be extremely rigorous, meticulously searching every inch or corner for bacteria, dirt, debris, pests, and more. 

Coated concrete floors offer next-level protection against pesky gunk and damaging chemicals. 

4. Reception, Meeting Rooms, Offices, Lobbies, and More

Commercial spaces like meeting rooms, lobbies, and offices say a lot about a business. Upon entering, a customer or client who sees a less-than-stellar reception or lobby instantly forms a negative impression. 

Sometimes, business owners invest in expensive or maintenance-heavy flooring materials to illustrate their company’s professionalism. While durable, concrete is far from being the most attractive. 

Epoxy or polyaspartic concrete coatings can wow visitors while reinforcing durability. With a wide array of different color schemes, textures, designs, and finishes available, property owners can achieve stunning floors without spending a fortune.

5. Warehouses and Factories

With dozens or hundreds of employees operating pallet jacks or forklifts every day, you need a flooring system that can hold its own. Commercial coatings provide top-notch impact resistance while also staving off pesky dust bunnies. 

6. Garages

No one walks into a garage expecting it to be the cleanest area ever. However, splitting, cracking, fading, or filthy concrete surfaces can still send a bad impression. The right commercial floor coating can protect your garage from hefty traffic and oil stains.

7. Bathrooms

Bathrooms suffer from constant foot traffic and colonies of bacteria. Having a durable flooring system that’s simple to clean can help take the stress off your custodial staff. 

8. Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor pool decks, patios, and other spaces constantly suffer from the barrage of the sun’s UV rays, rain, and winds. Polyurea basecoats with polyaspartic tops can help safeguard an outdoor space from wear and tear.

The right concrete coating also protects against heat, meaning your customers won’t burn their feet.

9. Schools

With constant foot traffic from students, your concrete floors can start suffering from cracking, splitting, and peeling. Adding new commercial coatings can prevent damage while also minimizing the risk of students or teachers slipping and falling. 

Benefits of Working with Tagg Concrete Coatings

Choosing Tagg Concrete Coatings for concrete coatings offers numerous benefits:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Commercial coatings are far more affordable than options like vinyl, stone, tile, and wood. While prices can vary, business owners can save twice as much or more with concrete coatings.
  • Say goodbye to mold worries: A coated concrete floor is non-porous, meaning mold or moss has no chance to grow. While you still need to clean up water spills, you won’t have to worry about mold forming in any cracks.
  • Plenty of design freedom: Tagg Concrete Coatings provides innovative color schemes and design finishes. Choose a more traditional color or go for a contemporary look for your business.
  • Upfront pricing: Always know exactly how much you need to pay and why.

Epoxy Versus Polyaspartic Concrete Coatings

Tagg Concrete Coatings provides epoxy solutions, but they recommend polyaspartic commercial coatings for most projects. By installing a polyaspartic floor coating, you can take advantage of these benefits:

  • Polyaspartic floor coatings are four times stronger than epoxy. 
  • Polyurea and polyaspartic floor coatings generally only take a day to install, while epoxy can take two days or longer. 
  • Polyurea and polyaspartic floor coatings provide much better UV protection as epoxy can start turning green or yellow.
  • Maintaining your polyaspartic commercial floor is less of a hassle.

Call Tagg Concrete Coatings Today for Commercial Coatings in Wake Forest

Commercial coatings offer benefits for so many businesses and buildings, from schools to hospitals and more. At Tagg Concrete Coatings, we specialize in polyurea and polyaspartic coatings. Our top-notch services include providing a 15-year warranty against peeling and chipping.

Are you ready to upgrade your commercial space with a durable concrete coating? Call Tagg Concrete Coatings today at (919) 231-9133 to request a free quote!

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