Garage Floor Coatings: DIY or Pros?

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Garage Floor Coatings : DIY or PROS?

Installing a high-quality floor coating in your residential or commercial garage is a great way to protect the floor’s integrity while enhancing its visual appeal. However, many Charlotte home and business owners believe they can save money by installing garage floor coatings themselves. Although DIY and professional installation carry unique advantages, you must weigh them together before committing to a specific method.

That’s why TAGG Concrete Coatings created a short guide comparing DIY and professional garage floor coating installation to help you decide which option works best for your needs.

TAGG Concrete Coatings is one of Charlotte, NC’s most trusted garage floor coating companies. Our team can equip your home or business with an alluring concrete coating that will protect it from damage and weathering while increasing its visual appeal. If you need durable garage floor coatings in Charlotte, contact TAGG Concrete Coatings for all your residential and commercial floor coating needs.

The Difference Between DIY and Professional Garage Floor Coating Installation

Garage floors are prone to significant wear and tear that can reduce their integrity and appearance over time. Installing durable garage floor coatings over concrete surfaces is one of the best ways to protect them from damage and preserve their overall well-being. However, deciding between DIY or professional garage floor coating installation isn’t always easy.

There are several distinct differences between the two methods that will dictate your decision. Below are some key differences between DIY and professional garage floor coating installation.


Installing garage floor coatings is often complex and requires time and dedication to complete correctly. The process consists of several steps and requires specific tools and materials that many homeowners don’t have on hand. You must prep the floor, acid-etch the surface, mix the coating, roll the epoxy, and more to install a garage floor coating efficiently.

However, many home improvement stores offer floor coating supply rentals for a modest fee.

Hiring a professional installation company to install your garage floor coating allows you to skip the complex DIY process while ensuring optimal results. Professional installers utilize high-quality supplies and materials that make the process more efficient. Installation companies enable you to sit back and relax while they install your new garage floor coating faster and more efficiently than the DIY method.

Quality and Durability

Most DIY floor coating kits contain enough epoxy to cover a two-car garage with a five mils (around 0.005 of an inch) coating density. Although a five mils coating thickness will protect your garage floor from damage and deterioration, it won’t be as efficient as a professional coating.

Professional garage floor coatings are much thicker than DIY kits and typically range from 15 to 30 mils, making it up to six times denser. The increased density gives the floor more protection and typically lasts longer than DIY epoxy, making it a better product.


Although DIY garage floor coatings aren’t as expensive as professional installation services, the diminished thickness makes them more prone to damage, requiring you to repair or replace the coating eventually. Repairing and replacing coated floors can add up over time and take a toll on your finances.

Professional garage floor coatings often last decades before requiring repair or replacement services. They are much denser and will withstand the test of time and more severe impacts better than DIY epoxy. Although DIY installation might seem like the more cost-effective option at first, professional installation services provide a higher quality product that’s less susceptible to damage and father time, saving you more money in the long run.

Also, many professional floor coating installation companies offer multi-year warranties and will repair your garage floor if it becomes overly damaged, furthering its cost-effectiveness.


DIY floor coating installation is exceedingly time-consuming and can take several days or more to complete, especially if you don’t have previous experience. However, experienced installers understand the best approach to each installation project and utilize professional-grade equipment that makes the process shorter and less strenuous. Most professional installation companies can equip your garage with a high-quality floor coating in two days or less, allowing you to enjoy your new garage floor without delay.

Contact TAGG Concrete Coatings for Professional Garage Floor Coating Installation in Charlotte

If you want to give your garage floor an extra layer of protection while enhancing its visual appeal, contact TAGG Concrete coatings for high-quality garage floor coatings in Charlotte, NC. Our team will install an exceptional floor coating with increased chemical resistance, durability, and more, ensuring your garage floor stays in superior condition for decades to come. Give us a call at (919) 439-8879 and schedule your appointment today!

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