Getting Your Garage Ready For Spring – Where To Start

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It was a long and cold winter, but spring is finally here. We finally get to enjoy sunny, warm days instead of cold days filled with gray skies. During the winter, your garage can become dirty and cluttered as it is difficult to keep clean in the winter. So what is the best way to prepare your garage floor for spring? Finally have those garage concrete coatings installed that you’ve always wanted!

Save Time With Our One Day Coatings

Snow, salt, and other grime from winter tend to build up on your floor. This can cause damage and become unsightly, unsafe and sometimes difficult or impossible to clean. Luckily for our customers, cleaning their garage floor is a breeze and can be accomplished in very little time. All that is required if your floor is coated with our durable concrete coatings is a broom, mop, soap, and water. Simply sweep any loose debris away and then mop it with some soap and water and it will look as good as new!

If you do not have concrete coatings in your garage, this can make your garage floor very difficult to clean. Bare concrete is porous and absorbs a majority of the dirt and grime. This can require countless hours of power washing to properly clean the surface. You may have used your garage as a mud room or storage center and put off organizing everything until spring, which can make it difficult to locate items. 

Before your kids go in the garage to look for their basketball or skateboard this spring, it’s best to ensure they have a clean and safe surface to walk on. If you already have concrete coatings from Tagg Concrete Coatings, then you have a very easy clean-up ahead of you. If you do not have our one day coatings system installed in your garage, now is the best time to have them applied!

By having our concrete coatings installed, cleaning your garage floor after winter will no longer be an all day task. We not only remove all of the dirt and grime from your concrete floor, but you will never have to power wash it clean again! You will also be applying a layer of protection on your floor which will prevent future damage and staining.

Get The Garage Floor You’ve Always Wanted

Here at Tagg Concrete Coatings, we take pride in providing the best products, installation process and customer service possible. All of our technicians are professionally trained to properly prep your floor and apply our polyurea/polyaspartic coatings. Our polyurea and polyaspartic coatings only take one day to install and you can park your car in your garage the next day! Their UV resistance and texture allows us to confidently apply them to outdoor concrete surfaces. Best of all, all of our residential applications come with a 15 year no chip, fade or peel warranty.

If you want a beautiful and easy to clean garage floor, give us a call today! Our concrete floor coatings can turn your garage, basement, porch, or other concrete surface into a stunning, easy to clean surface in just one day! We service Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and all surrounding areas. In addition, we now have locations in Raleigh and Charlotte as well. So don’t wait and put yourself through another year of power washing your garage floor, call Tagg Concrete Coatings and schedule your free estimate now!  (919) 439-8879

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