Poolside Slips & Injuries: How to Prevent It

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Poolside Slips & Injuries: How to Prevent It

Owning a pool provides hours of entertainment and fun during the summer months. However, with a pool comes the potential for life-altering injuries. Many pool owners find that choosing the right pool deck coatings is the best way to prevent slips and falls.

Pool deck coatings become wet from more than just water. Tanning oils, sunscreen, and spilled drinks contribute to a slippery surface. Learn the rules to enforce around your pool and what types of pool deck surfaces work best to prevent poolside injuries.

Enforce Pool Etiquette

Besides choosing the right type of pool deck coating, you can also enforce certain rules around your pool to provide a safer experience. Popular pool rules include:

No Running

While most adults understand that running on a wet deck or concrete patio increases the chance of slipping, children often want to bolt from their parent’s side to reach the water quickly. Make sure children understand that running around the pool may cause them to slip and fall, skinning their knees or potentially suffering worse injuries. Homeowners with pools may end up responsible for guests who slip and fall near their pools, especially if they don’t have signage visible stating not to run.

Keep Pool Equipment and Accessories Organized

Everything from pool vacuums to floating devices poses a hazard to someone around your pool. Tripping and falling over these accessories can cause serious injuries, especially if the fall takes place near the pool’s edge. Make sure that friends and family who help you clean the pool or bring swimming accessories do their part to keep the space around your pool clear of potential tripping hazards.

Use Handrails Around Pool Entrances and Exits

Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, entering and exiting zones become slippery as guests climb in and out of the water. While pool deck coatings help limit slick surfaces, handrails provide an excellent stabilizer for anyone who still manages to slip. Install handrails alongside all pool entrances and exits to ensure a safer transition from water to land.

The Best Way to Prevent Slips and Falls: The Right Pool Deck Coatings

Homeowners have many options for pool deck coatings in Wake Forest, NC. The benefits of choosing the right coating include less potential for slips, trips, and other poolside injuries. Working with concrete coating professionals helps you prevent potential injuries caused by heat build-up on the surfaces around your pool.

Why Prevent Heat Build-Up

When summertime approaches, pool owners prepare for the influx of friends and family members seeking a way to beat the heat. Preventing poolside slips and trips may take up most of their worries, but another potential injury comes from overheated pool decks. Heat build-up on concrete surfaces may cause burns to the bottom of sensitive feet, some so severe that the skin may blister or peel.

Not only do such injuries hurt, but they may invite infection if not treated quickly enough. Because pool owners must provide a safe environment for guests, they carry the legal responsibility for injuries and infections resulting from poorly treated pool decks.

What Is the Best Type of Pool Deck Coating?

Creating a safer pool deck starts with the right type of coating. Professionals use polyaspartic floor coatings to accomplish a safe, slip-resistant pool deck. This floor coating comes available in various colors and styles, and you can include paint chips or other decorative elements for texture.

Applied over poured concrete, polyaspartic coatings take away the potential for scraped knees or roughened skin. The material offers other excellent benefits, including resistance to many common floor coating problems:

  • Peeling, cracking, or bubbling
  • Discoloration or staining
  • UV ray damage
  • Water damage
  • Heat retention

Polyaspartic pool deck coatings remain a favorite among pool owners because not only do you enjoy the many benefits above, but the coating dries quickly. This feature lets you have your pool back in working condition by the next day. Because of their durability, polyaspartic coatings require less maintenance and less potential for repair or replacement than epoxy floor coatings.

If you want a safer pool deck along with various options for colors, designs, and a bevy of beneficial features, polyaspartic floor coating will fit your needs.

Professional Pool Deck Coatings in Wake Forest, NC

Contact Tagg Concrete Coatings in Wake Forest, NC for a safer, cool deck surrounding your pool. Our flooring specialists can help you choose from our various polyaspartic pool deck coatings, plus you’ll enjoy our 15-year warranty against chipping and peeling. Call (919) 439-8879 for your free quote today.

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