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At their most basic, patios are a relaxing outdoor spot for you to enjoy North Carolina’s spring and summer. However, when you upgrade that outdoor living space, you can turn it into a place your friends and family want to gather for events.

You can enhance your patio in several ways, but a patio floor resurfacing service is the most beneficial. With one appointment, you can boost your outdoor living space’s appearance, safety, and durability, and no resurfacing team provides those benefits better than Tagg Concrete Coatings.

Our Patio Floor Resurfacing Process

We coat concrete patios with a two-tier system that uses polyurea as the base coat and polyaspartic as the top coat. Having multiple layers provides more wear and tear protection than single-layer epoxy coatings. However, polyurea and polyaspartic combined are also more than 20 times stronger than Epoxy, even without the layer difference.

Even if you use your outdoor living space more than our robust polyurea coatings can handle, we offer a 15-year warranty on peeling and chipping for all our resurfacing projects.

Polyurea vs. Epoxy

A coated patio floor will always last longer, look better, and be safer to walk on than an exposed one, no matter what concrete resurfacing material you select. That’s why our team offers epoxy floor coatings in rare instances, but Polyurea and Polyaspartic coatings are our bread and butter since they provide several additional benefits.

In addition to their better durability, polyurea and polyaspartic resist water and UV rays better than epoxy, which limits staining and slip and fall accidents. Additionally, polyurea-base coatings only need a day to settle, whereas epoxy coatings take multiple days to dry. That extended settling period often causes bubbles to form, which isn’t an issue with polyurea.

Benefits of Patio Floor Resurfacing

While we recommend polyurea coatings for your outdoor space to preserve their appearance and structure for longer, patio floor resurfacing will provide several benefits regardless of the material you select, including:

Safer and More Comfortable

Concrete coatings have strong water and slip resistance, which is essential for concrete surfaces that could cause severe injury to anyone that falls onto them. Additionally, our polyurea coatings are heat resistant, so your coated patio will remain cool through the year’s hottest days.

Visually Appealing

Patio floor resurfacing smooths your outdoor living space and gives it an appealing shine. Concrete coatings are also easy to customize in different colors, so you can bring a unique shade to your outdoor living space that your guests will adore.

More Durable

Heavily-used patios undergo countless instances of wear and tear that can destroy unprotected concrete. With enough foot traffic, your concrete patio surface can become unusable within years and demand heavy repairs or complete replacement.

Patio floor resurfacing delays that risk by coating the surface with a shield that resists weather elements and supports tens of thousands of pounds. When you take proper care of your patio coating, it will keep your patio pristine for decades.

Easy Maintenance

Keeping an unprotected concrete patio clean can be impossible when dust constantly takes over the surface level and spills need only minutes to turn into stains. However, concrete coatings make cleaning easier by resisting stains and trapping concrete dust beneath the polyurea base coat.

That minimizes the obstacles concrete patio owners face when cleaning, but the coating itself is also easy to clean and only requires soapy water and a mop.

Why Choose Tagg Concrete Coatings

Our team constantly studies new trends and products in the industry so that we can bring cutting-edge coating solutions to our community. As a result, we promise that when you trust us with patio floor resurfacing, we’ll use a state-of-the-art approach to the project that provides a picture-perfect finished product.

We’re constantly learning because we’ve dedicated ourselves to our work and clients. Our team wants the best for your patio as much as you do, and we’ll prove it by taking our time during resurfacing to ensure it’s well-protected and ready for your next event.

Professional Patio Resurfacing in North Carolina

Patio floor resurfacing is a small, affordable home improvement project that can take your outdoor living space to the next level. When you trust your patio surface to the experts at Tagg Concrete Coatings, we’ll use top-shelf polyurea and polyaspartic to enhance it visually and structurally and prepare it for your next outdoor event.

Call Tagg Concrete Coatings today at (919) 439-8879 to receive a free quote.

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