The Science Behind TAGG Concrete Coatings’ Commercial Coatings: How They Work and Why They’re Effective

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The Science Behind TAGG Concrete Coatings' Commercial Coatings: How They Work and Why They're Effective

Many business owners are unaware of the importance of commercial coatings for concrete floors. They invest in warehouse space, factories, and garages, only to continually put more money into repairs or watch their facilities fall into ruin.

At TAGG Concrete Coatings, we want every member of the business community to know what commercial coatings are, how they work, and how they can benefit your ongoing business operations and your bottom line.

Why Apply a Coating to Your Garage Floor?

Many people think of concrete as synonymous with strength and durability. However, typical concrete for commercial construction is porous and susceptible to chipping and cracking. It can degrade over time without the right protection. Damage to your concrete can make your business less efficient by:

  • Increasing the risk of employee accidents, such as falls and collisions
  • Exposing employees to greater physical stress
  • Wearing out carts and wheeled equipment
  • Causing employees to spend more time and resources on floor maintenance

A one-time cost for installation and coating materials can give you years of protection. Knowing more about commercial coating options is the first step to finding the right coating for you. Technological advances in the flooring industry give business owners more options than ever,

Types of Coatings

Most floor coatings are a type of polymer that an installation technician applies as a liquid. As the liquid hardens and dries, the chemicals bond together to form a resilient surface. The different materials that form the basis of modern commercial coatings have different features that provide different benefits. Your choice of coating type depends on many factors, such as the level of traffic, usage patterns, and level of sunlight and fluorescent light exposure.

Often two or more coating materials can complement one another. At TAGG Concrete Coatings, we have found that the most effective combination of coatings consists of a polyurea base coat and a polyaspartic topcoat. These two materials are both durable, quick-drying, and effective at protecting concrete. 

Polyurea Base Coat

Polyurea is an elastomer, a stretchy, rubbery polymer that provides good traction, is easy to maintain, and stands up well to foot traffic. It keeps water and other liquids from entering concrete and keeps concrete from chipping, making it easy to clean. 

Polyurea can combine with pigments and decorative elements such as metal flecks to add decorative features to the coating and customize the look of your flooring. Polyurea can also cover an existing paint job, protecting the paint from scratches and stains. 

Polyaspartic Topcoat

One of the advantages of polyaspartic coatings are their UV resistance. Applying a polyaspartic topcoat over a colored polyurea base coat layer protects the underlying layer from fading in sunlight.

Like polyurea, it is sturdy, resistant to moisture, and resistant to other types of chemicals. The polyaspartic topcoat is a first line of defense against damage that extends the life of the concrete coating as a whole.

A Cost-Effective and Proactive Solution to Many Flooring Problems

Flooring damage often creeps up insidiously over time. It can start off as scratches and chips in the surface of the concrete. An uneven concrete surface is harder to sweep and mop because stains and spills can settle in crevices and rough spots. Water and chemical contaminants can weaken the concrete further, leading to cracks that eventually undermine the entire flooring structure.

Commercial coatings stop the process at the outset when the damage is minor. Acting early by applying a protective coating right after you install or resurface your concrete floor will keep your floor looking and feeling like new for a long time.

A Step Toward Improved Worker Safety and Productivity

 Your business cannot function if your employees cannot do their jobs efficiently. Providing effective solutions to workplace challenges, including inconvenient or dangerous industrial environments, will boost workplace morale and performance. High-quality commercial coating technology is one tool that business owners have for promoting an optimal work environment.

Commercial coatings can include each of the following benefits:

  • Anti-slip coatings to prevent falls
  • Moisture resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Ease of maintenance

Every hour that your employees spend pushing damaged carts over rough concrete or struggling to keep it clean is time they could be spending on their primary job responsibilities.

The Role of the Installation Process

TAGG Concrete Coatings uses a five-step process for its commercial coatings. The process includes thorough cleaning and preparation of the floor surface to ensure that the coating adheres well to the concrete.

The process might vary from project to project, but we typically apply one or more coats of polyurea coating followed by a polyaspartic topcoat or multiple polyaspartic coats. We allow the coating to dry in as little as a day, at which point you can use the floor as usual.

Quality Commercial Coatings in Wake Forest, NC, From TAGG Concrete Coatings

We are a locally owned and family-owned commercial coating company based in Wake Forest, NC. We stand by our coatings with a 15-year warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every job. 

To speak with an expert in commercial coatings, call TAGG Concrete Coatings at (984) 231-9845. Let us know what flooring you have and how it affects your business processes. Let our coating experts provide you with information on the best commercial coatings for your situation and an honest, upfront quote for coating materials and installation services.

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